Projects: Equestrian

Our consultancy services also cover equestrian sports, other sports turf and artificial surfaces, parks and open spaces. showgrounds, arenas, etc. For example:

  • Race-courses
  • Menage Areas
  • Polo Fields

Example Project

Royal Ascot, Berkshire, UK - design work on the golf course and racecourse project. David Hemstock did the layout design work on the new golf course and was a team member on the track re-alignment and associated elements of this major and wide-ranging upgrading project.

Technical assessments, agronomy, irrigation, drainage, maintenance improvements:

  • Royal Ascot┬áRacecourse.
  • Market Rasen and Catterick racecourses.
  • Alham Polo field & mixed use sports facility, Lebanon.
  • Markopoulo Equestrian Centre, Athens 2004 Olympic legacy.
  • British Racing School trial plots for the Ascot Authority.

Case Study: Markopoulo Equestrian Centre

As part of the legacy intentions of the Greek Olympic Properties Organisation following the 2004 Olympics, David Hemstock provided options for parts of the Equestrian Centre at Markopoulo, near Athens, to be converted to golf.

The city had gone through a major face-lift, with a new airport and all the development that goes with holding the Olympics, which the golf was expected to compliment in terms of increased golf tourism for the country. Equestrian sports are not popular in the country, therefore the full extent of the Olympic facilities would not be needed after the event.

ISTeC are experts in the incorporation of legacy aspects into the original design of facilities for such large events and tournaments, where often either different uses of the facilities is required, or at least a 'de-tuning' of what is initially required as the very best international venue, to optimise the future maintenance and use.